Quality of Life Award

The Quality of Life Award is Presented to Individuals Who Make a Positive Difference in McKinney

Each year, the McKinney Community Development Corporation presents a Quality of Life Award to an individual or organization that has made a positive difference in the lives of McKinney citizens. The Quality of Life Award provides an opportunity to recognize an individual and/or organization that works to make McKinney a better place to live, work and visit.

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Nomination Criteria

To be nominated for the Quality of Life award, the individual or organization must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Has made a significant economic, social or environmental impact on the   community
  • Is a public use project, facility or initiative that impacts the community at large
  • Promotes, develops or creates:
    • Affordable housing
    • Business growth or tourism
    • Recreational, cultural or community assets or amenities

For more information, view the Quality of Life Award Criteria and Winners (PDF).


Submitting Nominations

You may submit a nomination in two ways: 

McKinney Community Development Corporation
Attention: Linda Jones
7300 SH 121, SB, Suite 121
McKinney, Texas 75070


Award Presentation

Presentation of the award takes place at the annual McKinney Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Event.


For More Information

If you have any questions or need additional information, please send us an email or call at 972-547-7654.

“Quality of life touches every aspect of a city. It affects the growth rate by attracting residents, the tourism industry by offering amenities visitors find enticing and the economic foundation by attracting businesses with a quality lifestyle for the workforce.”
Cindy Schneible, President
McKinney Community Development Corporation

2022 Award Recipients

Individual Award - Angela Poen

Angela Poen is the Founder and Board President of Community Garden Kitchen of Collin County… the first free kitchen in the area serving freshly-prepared meals to children, college students, seniors and anyone else in the community who is experiencing food insecurity. The Kitchen serves meals to anyone who enters -- no paperwork and no questions asked. The idea for the Kitchen was first discussed in 2014 when members of a ladies Bible study learned that more than 100,000 Collin County residents were facing food insecurity on a regular basis and that there was no place for them to receive a hot meal. A partnership with Holy Family School was formed to build a 4,800 square foot, free-standing kitchen that serves the school’s students during the day and is open in the evenings to serve meals to those in need. Angela was the driving force behind this project, leading the way to raise $900,000 dollars, allowing the kitchen to open debt-free. The kitchen serves chef-prepared meals in a restaurant-style setting. The vision for Community Garden Kitchen is to be a center of hope and compassion, ensuring that no one in our community suffers the fear and distress of food insecurity. It is because of Angela Poen’s vision and determination that the Community Garden Kitchen was birthed.

Organization Award - GraceToChange

Ten years ago, Shannon White established the GraceToChange Substance Abuse Treatment Center which now serves clients throughout Collin County. Their mission is simple: to break the chain of addiction for adolescents and adults by providing tools, support and hope for a lifetime of recovery. They serve indigent and poverty-stricken substance abusers who are looking for a way out of addiction, and they are the ONLY place in the area that provides services to adolescents. GraceToChange offers intensive, tailored, out-patient treatment. They even offer a lifetime of free weekly counseling sessions for those who complete their program. Their motto is “Change A Life. Change A Community.” During this time when addiction rates are climbing, the staff at GraceToChange exhibits commitment and dedication to make a difference in our community by caring for people who would otherwise be left adrift without help.


Previous Award Winners

  • 2021 Kim Sanchez, McKinney Little Free Pantry & more (Individual)
  • 2021 Feeding Friends & Family (Organization - Collaborative Program between Community Lifeline, Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership, and Mike Redeker) 
  • 2020 McKinney Fire Department - Community Healthcare Program (Organization)
  • 2020 McKinney Police Department - Neighborhood Police Officer Unit (Organization)
  • 2020 Mary Carole Strother, Collin County History Museum (Individual) 
  • 2019 Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership (Organization)
  • 2019 Juli Smith, All Abilities Playground (Individual)
  • 2018 Legacy Bank of Texas (Organization)
  • 2018 Colin Kimball (Individual)
  • 2017 North Collin County Habitat for Humanity (Organization)
  • 2017 Ruth Thompson, Hugs Café (Individual)
  • 2016 Volunteer McKinney (Organization) 
  • 2016 Jamie St. Clair, Empty Bowls (Individual)
  • 2015 Christine Hockin-Boyd / Community Lifeline
  • 2014 Maylee Thomas Fuller
  • 2014 3e McKinney
  • 2013 Tracy Rath
  • 2012 John Moore
  • 2011 Matt Johnson
  • 2010 Beth Bentley
  • 2009 Erma Beeson
  • 2008 George Webb 
  • 2007 Dr. Mack Hill
  • 2006 Harry McKillop
  • 2005 Gerry Ruschhaupt
  • 2004 Food Pantry
  • 2003 Samaritan Inn
  • 2002 Barney and Me Boxing Gym
  • 2001 The Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney