Guidelines and Requirements for MCDC Grants

  • Applications must be completed in full and provide all information requested to be considered by the MCDC board.
  • Applicant must have been in business (preferably within the City of McKinney) for a minimum of two years. Economic development projects may be excluded from this requirement.
  • Project grant application must illustrate how Texas Local Government code eligibility requirements are met.
  • Projects must be for public use or otherwise meet the definition of “Project” as that term is defined in state law.
  • Promotional / Community Event grant applications must demonstrate how the event will promote and showcase the City of McKinney for the purpose of business development and/or tourism.
  • Promotional / Community Events must be open to the public. If a registration fee is charged, it must be $35 or less. If the event benefits a nonprofit organization, specific detail must be provided regarding the benefit (e.g. X$ per entry; X% of overall revenue; X% of net revenue).
  • If a grant is awarded for Promotional / Community events, funds may only be used for marketing, outreach, advertising and promotion of the event.
  • Project / Promotional / Community Event / Retail Development Infrastructure grants must be well-planned with stated goals, objectives and evaluation measures that demonstrate positive impact to the community.
  • For Project grants and Retail Development Infrastructure grants, the applicant must own the land, building or facility where the proposed project will be located. If the applicant does not own the land, written acknowledgement / approval from the property owner must be included with the application. The letter must document that the property owner is aware of the proposed use of the property or facility and that the property owner has reviewed the project plan and application and approves and supports the efforts of the applicant.
  • Preference may be given to applicants who have not received funding from MCDC within the previous 12-month period.
  • Preference may be given to applicants who develop and demonstrate multiple revenue streams to financially support Project / Retail Development Infrastructure / Promotional / Community Event requests and are not applying to other City of McKinney entities (e.g. Arts Commission, City of McKinney Community Support Grants, McKinney Convention and Visitors Bureau).
  • Retail Development Infrastructure grants are limited to a maximum of $25,000 and require a match.
  • Retail Development Infrastructure grants will not be awarded on a speculative basis. These will only be considered for a specifically disclosed retail business venture.
  • Approved Project / Promotional / Community Event / Retail Development Infrastructure projects must be completed within one year or consistent with performance agreement.
  • Performance agreements are required for all approved grants.