Review Process

MCDC Board Review and Voting Process for Grant Applications

McKinney Community Development Corporation is responsible for reviewing and voting on applications for funding projects and initiatives in accordance with state law. The board consists of seven members, appointed by the McKinney City Council. The Application Review Process is outlined below.  

  • Completed applications must be submitted to MCDC via email or on a thumb drive in accordance with the 2020 grant schedule.
  • Applications may be reviewed by MCDC legal counsel to determine if the request for funds is eligible under state law.  
  • Once eligibility for consideration is confirmed, applicants will be notified and placed on the meeting agenda to make a presentation to the board. Following each presentation, board members will have an opportunity to ask questions of the applicant. Please note: This is a formal presentation and time limits may be imposed.
  • A public hearing, with notice of the application and request for funding for Project and Retail Development Infrastructure grant applications, will be published and posted in accordance with the requirements of the Open Meetings Act and the Texas Local Government Code. The application along with all documents/attachments included will become public information once submitted to MCDC.  
  • Board members will evaluate applications and presentations and prepare to take action on the request at a future MCDC board meeting. Please refer to the Grants Calendar for the schedule.  
  • Applications may be referred to a board subcommittee for additional research and evaluation.    
  • When action is scheduled, the board members may approve, partially approve, table or reject an application by a majority vote of the board.  
  • Funds awarded for approved applications are expended on a reimbursement basis.  
  • The final 20% of the award may be withheld until a final report is submitted and compliance with all requirements of the performance agreement is confirmed.

Please contact MCDC staff to discuss your proposed Project, Retail Development Infrastructure or Promotional / Community Event Grant application, secure additional information before submitting your grant application.

Please note: Public funds will become available to an approved applicant 60 days after the date of publication of the Notice of Public Hearing referenced above.