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Project Grant Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Eligible Projects
  3. 3. Organization Information
  4. 4. Representative & Contact Information
  5. 5. Project Information
  6. 6. Narrative
  7. 7. Acknowledgements
  • Step One

    1. Important Information
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      • Please read the McKinney Community Development Corporation Grant Guidelines before completing this application.
      • The Grant Guidelines are available on this website. They can also be obtained by calling 972-547-7653 or emailing Cindy Schneible.
      • Please call to discuss your plans for submitting an application in advance of completing this form.
      • A completed application and all supporting documents are required to be submitted via email or on a thumb drive for consideration by the MCDC board. Please submit the application to:

        McKinney Community Development Corporation
        7300 SH 121, SB, Suite 200
        McKinney, TX 75070

      • If you are interested in a preliminary Board of Directors review of your project proposal or idea, please complete and submit the Letter of Inquiry form which is available on this website, by calling 972-547-7653 or by emailing Cindy Schneible.
      • Applications must be completed in full, using this form electronically (or physically with the requested thumb drive by mail), and received by MCDC by 5 p.m. on the application deadline indicated on the Grants page of this website.