Rick Glew

Board of Directors
Title: Board Member

Rick Glew Biography
Rick Glew currently runs MarketSuite, a marketing consulting business primarily focused on high tech businesses and startup social ventures. MarketSuite delivers company brand strategy, market opportunity development, new product launches and lead-generation programs. He also holds an Associate Faculty position for Marketing and Business Management at Collin College.

Throughout Rick’s professional career, he has led the marketing and business development efforts for many types of businesses – online education, enterprise software, call center, wireless telecommunications and philanthropic ventures in start-up, mid-size and large global corporations. As Senior Vice-president of Marketing and Enrollment at American College of Education (higher education for the teaching community), Senior Vice-president of Marketing and Product Planning at Critical Information Network (focused on industrial skills, public safety and healthcare e-learning), Vice-president of Marketing at NICE Systems and IEX Corporation (global leaders in enterprise contact center and surveillance solutions) and senior roles with Nortel Networks, he developed expertise across a broad range of disciplines and brings a diverse set of business experiences to support the McKinney community.

Rick is actively involved with the community through church, the arts, the American Marketing Association, McKinney WERX, the North Texas Food Bank and as a graduate of the 2015 Leadership McKinney program. He is excited about the many opportunities  ahead for the McKinney Community Development Corporation and its partner boards to make a real difference in the community and drive our city’s bright future.

Rick, his wife Lisanne and children Jamie and Stephanie moved from Toronto to McKinney 19 years ago. He and his family are very proud of their city. 


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